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Just a few of many success stories

Testimonials: Testimonial

If you have had an appointment with Hugh, please feel free to leave a review. 
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Some excerpts of feedback from satisfied clients over the years...   All of which can be viewed in full, upon request, excluding client confidential information.

"I have made a few calculations, I have never seen a return on an investment like that!"

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Mr V, ex-smoker and wealthier

“I feel that I have overcome my worst nightmare.”

Ms A, Cured Phobia

 “Guess what, I'm still off the fags.”

Ms M.S, ex-smoker

“I have managed to lose 20lbs in weight.”

Mr C, ME Chronic fatigue sufferer

Ms W.S, now slim

"It's now 3 months from my last hypnotherapy session and I am continuing to make a recovery and lead a more confident and normal life"

“P.S. Mum says it's the best ever Mother's day present she could have had.”

J, 9-year old child, ex-phobia

“I was surprised at how relaxed I was on all six of my flights.”

 Mr T, fear of flying now resolved

“Life has been great since I last saw you.”

Ms J, a confident young lady

“Hugh, thank you so much for the help, you have given him a new sort of confidence.”

Ms W, mother of an 8 year old boy

“I feel so much better after losing all that weight.”

Ms F, now slim

“Having attended Hugh Christensen's hypnotherapy sessions some four and a half years ago, I am delighted to say that I have not smoked since, or had the urge to do so, having smoked up to 60 cigarettes a day.”

Doctor J.W, the now happy doctor

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